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Sotomayor confirmed!

68-31, hooray! She'll be a moderate, I think; 17 years on the bench show that, and to say anything else would be a gross distortion of her record. I just hope next time Obama actually does nominate a "scary" liberal. Now, people would not be gleefully excited about her identity if she were a white guy, but that doesn't make the celebration 'racist.' This is a nice article on why celebrating diversity on the court is not just A-OK, but damn well important. It's called BEING MINDFUL OF HISTORY, cough cough.

And sure, maybe her senate hearings were "grotesque kabuki." But I had a lot of fun imagining what she would have said if she didn't have to do all this bowing and scraping and uber-cautious self-censoring, pledging herself oh-so-carefully to the Robot Umpire Army. Sonia Sotomayor, unleashed! Ready to counter racism and sexism whenever it appears, with her rapier wit and sharp tongue! (OK, maybe -I- wish I could've shouted these things, and she wasn't angered by the inanity AT ALL. But I still enjoyed the exercise.)


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***SCOTUS fangirl Update: I am pleased to report that I now have Toobin's The Nine and Yarbrough's David Hackett Souter: Traditional Republican on the Rehnquist Court in my hot little hands, so (former) Justice David Souter Day will be happening very soon! Fellow celebrants, stay tuned! (And if you have no idea whom this gallant gentleman is, well...I will do my best to fill you in on the reason for our excitations!)

But! While I have been pleased, lo, these many months, to cruise along largely Battlestar-free--small exceptions arising such as when R suggests with a grin that we pay to watch Caprica, which is greeted with uproarious laughter bordering on tears--alas, alack, I have forgotten there are such things as extended scenes in DVDs. Which are to be released tomorrow. Which I'm still at the 'LOL, not buying' stage regarding, and I'm sure will include much more Ron finale hilarity re: what zinke quite succinctly terms as 'Epic Kara!fail', but, oh. I forgot about my heartstrings. My character-lovin' heartstrings that will never cease to move me. And so thanks to fantabulous eugis and my flist for linking me to this:

BEHOLD! (Or Watch again! You know you want to!)

You know, there were not many reasons for my girl to smile in her post-death universe, but look at how she looks at him right there. How she uses that and reaches acceptance of herself. And how she's the only one who could possibly turn him inside out and remake him like that. That's just...pure love.

I feel like I owe MT a fan valentine. And/or a drink. Hard not to feel like he's arguing with Ron's change of plan, eh? Or that Ron's not arguing with the "Six of One" brig scene, or the Maelstrom wing convo, or the end of UB, or Captain's Hand, etc, etc, gah.

You know what this means? I'm totally finishing my Kara space-between mythsplosion whatever now. I always did write better when it was 90+ degrees out. PILOTS FEVER IS UNSHAKEABLE.


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Five to one, it's a bro-de-o

Hey there! I'm back from the trip, but I still feel like I need a week to recover from the week. Do you know that feeling? (At least I got extra cherry blossom time. Whew.)

Writing update: after an initial burst, I've been blocked for a while now. I think it's because every time I sit down my brain keeps circling around to all my problems with the finale. For example, though I am DEFINITELY writing a version of the mytharc that deals with the Kara problem and also gives her more agency, it makes me want to write an essay first (particularly because I see a lot of "How could you not ever notice the angel stuff before, you dolts?" sentiment going around -- sigh). And how can I be done with the show if I feel no resolution to the storylines? This calls for a meta catharsis. (And everyone's seen it now, yes? Can I use spoilery icons?)

So no stories yet, but I still wanted to post something to amuse siljamus. One of my many problems with the finale has to do with the gender fail (for which topic Silja posted an excellent link roundup here) -- so I thought I'd share some laughs I had about it, and add a few more thoughts of my own to the discussion. Mockery has its uses! And so does meta! (As always, feel free to skip on by or dissent -- all voices welcome.)

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You know how I want there to be a big musical in the Opera House tonight? Well, I'll also take a rap battle. :D

canadiangirl_86 was so kind as to make this vid bunny of mine as a present. And guess who stars, spittin' on the mike? My favorite badass Hamburger of Death!

I ache for someone to vid Deltron's "Mastermind" to BSG, but I imagine it'd only make sense after the finale. Who's the musical merlin weaving together the song of the universe? The answer awaits!

I'm so excited about the finale tonight. How about we have our last chance to throw out our theories for what's going to happen in the finale? This show can outcrackfic me, so anything's game, right? I want to hear from you. (No actual spoilers please!)

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Two Men and a Baby: total IM crack, in honor of my icon

You guys, I am so woobie for my ship, Sam/Lee. I can't even. I LOVE THIS SHIP SO MUCH THAT I WANT THEM TO HAVE A CHILD.

The following is a crackfic story Daybreak and I collaborated to create over IM. Once I would have made it a real story but the hour is getting late. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.

Some oddness here I'll try to explain: I started to talk about how I wish they'd written marriages on the show better, with less of the spouse-just-in-support-role business. I really love Sam and Dee. I feel like they got screwed. I feel woobie for Sam; I ship K/S pretty hard when she's being nice to him. Soooo, also while talking about why I dig Lee/Sam fics so much, I had this crackfic idea about writing Sam as Cally in "The Ties That Bind". You know, when Cally's alone home taking care of the kid hopped up on antidepressants while the other spouse just bails on her to hang in the bar?

So if you're wondering why Kara is so OOC as a mean absentee mama, that's why.** She's basically Chief in that ep. Except I, being the relentless shipper I am, added Lee into the mix instead of Tory. And we just RAN WITH IT.

**No harm meant! IT'S CRACK. You are warned.

So this one goes out to you, DB. We've gone full circle with the crackfic, hon. What a wonderful friend you are. Let's have one last woobie gigglefest on the recordbooks. :)

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Birthday Wishes!

Wishing a very happy birthday to two of my favorite ladies on LJ, siljamus and queenofthorns! Presents of the Lee variety will be coming your way soon, but for now, please take a big ol' Lee hug from me:

Have a wonderful day!

On an unrelated note, apologies in advance for the Kara-post spam about to come your way. Two straight days of all-day headaches created a sort of Kara Fest back-log. :) (Oh, and I've edited my crackfic, too -- hopefully it's much better now. But I really want more bizarro Final Five icons. And nachos. Hmm.)