August 6th, 2009

damn you star

Sotomayor confirmed!

68-31, hooray! She'll be a moderate, I think; 17 years on the bench show that, and to say anything else would be a gross distortion of her record. I just hope next time Obama actually does nominate a "scary" liberal. Now, people would not be gleefully excited about her identity if she were a white guy, but that doesn't make the celebration 'racist.' This is a nice article on why celebrating diversity on the court is not just A-OK, but damn well important. It's called BEING MINDFUL OF HISTORY, cough cough.

And sure, maybe her senate hearings were "grotesque kabuki." But I had a lot of fun imagining what she would have said if she didn't have to do all this bowing and scraping and uber-cautious self-censoring, pledging herself oh-so-carefully to the Robot Umpire Army. Sonia Sotomayor, unleashed! Ready to counter racism and sexism whenever it appears, with her rapier wit and sharp tongue! (OK, maybe -I- wish I could've shouted these things, and she wasn't angered by the inanity AT ALL. But I still enjoyed the exercise.)


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