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You know how I want there to be a big musical in the Opera House tonight? Well, I'll also take a rap battle. :D

canadiangirl_86 was so kind as to make this vid bunny of mine as a present. And guess who stars, spittin' on the mike? My favorite badass Hamburger of Death!

I ache for someone to vid Deltron's "Mastermind" to BSG, but I imagine it'd only make sense after the finale. Who's the musical merlin weaving together the song of the universe? The answer awaits!

I'm so excited about the finale tonight. How about we have our last chance to throw out our theories for what's going to happen in the finale? This show can outcrackfic me, so anything's game, right? I want to hear from you. (No actual spoilers please!)


1. Beyond the BSG musical, Laura will pop up in the Opera House and realize that all the world's a stage. They are just fictional characters in a TV show, playing out their roles in the cycle of time for others' amusement. Laura is not amused at the ending they've written. She is not anybody's plaything. She grabs the script and composes a different ending. Then the audience is permitted to call in and select their favorite telos, kind of like in "Choose Your Own Adventure."


2. Rocks fall, everybody dies! Kara's the one who does them all in. But it's not an end, it's a beginning. The Afterlife is the Promised Land!

We will find this out only after they've killed them off one by one and we're curled up in a ball on the floor in utter shock.

3. The pigeon is a sign that everyone will perish, and then be reincarnated as something completely different. Gaius is a chameleon (shady). Bill is a walrus (MAH BUKKIT). Laura is a meerkat (Flower!). Kara is a bird. Lee is a fish. WOE, THEIR LOVE IS SO TRAGIC AND HEARTBREAKING. IF ONLY THEY DID NOT LIVE IN TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS!

4. Peace breaks the Cycle of time! W00t! Little Moses-Hera grows up and leads a united people. She runs on a platform of "Hugs, Harmony, and CUPCAKES."

The UN should get right on that.

5. Everybody dies but Gaius "Cockroach" Baltar, Cap Six, and little baby Hera. The morals that we are to draw from all this are:

a) God is a sadist
b) Be nice to your Roomba.

6. The Cylon God, AKA Kara's Real Dad, turns out to be a guy orbiting some distant planet who amuses himself by sending HeadCharacter ("angel") transmissions with a big satellite of crazy just to mess with them.

He is also Dylan.


7. There will be tears. There will be heart-shattering grief. They will resort to alcoholism to cope. Shots drunk every other minute. Drooling, sobbing, and vomiting may be involved. Paintflail may occur. And that's only what will happen in the viewing audience.

(Oh show! I love you for being so heartbreaking. Damn you're good for making me care so damn much. Damn you and bless you for making me love them all! EVEN LEOBEN, NOW! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!)

What are your theories, real or fake? Let me know!

Come on, it will kill the time. Plus you'll get bragging rights afterward. ;)
Tags: bionic snarkthrocytes, bsg, d is crazy

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