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So judging by my last post and the state of my flist, I guess there are some people out there who feel exactly like I do. Hey there!

Watch this clip, you guys. It's hilarious. It's cathartic. Embedding is disabled, but please click it. Worth it!


The pained look in the tortured eyes of Cupcake Dog pretty much sums up how I as a viewer felt on Friday night.

All the things I wanted from the show's ending -- more play on the forgiveness and reconciliation theme -- Kara being happy/alive, or at least having some moment of praise -- Laura being a badass leader, central to the Opera House revelation rather than just another toddler-herder -- Lee taking up the mantle in a new land -- the best parts of their civilization surviving -- the rebel Cylons continuing to evolve and getting some way to reproduce -- the two peoples beginning the long and difficult process of healing and dealing with each other -- answers on Kara's return, why the fucking song is so damn important -- finding out why she was the least-informed and most angstily confused angel-messenger ever, if she just came from God -- some kind of coherent mythology -- better resolutions all around -- free will breaking the cycle -- satisfying character moments -- WOMEN NOT BEING THROTTLED TO DEATH AND OTHERS GOING YAY -- crazy space family being able to stay together instead of scattering to the four winds -- a finale that made me cry --

All these things are symbolized by Cupcakes. And Ron is my teasing tormenter.


I usually like to focus on what I did like over things I didn't, or at least try to write some kind of reflective essay. It's just sad that the finale is what pushed me over the edge into an all-capslock rant. Even more than "Deadlock"! Ha!

Since Daybreak's plot made no sense I expected the finale to disappoint, just not this much. Sigh. I'm a student of epic and tragedy, I know all the techniques to rend the heart. I could tell what they wanted me to feel and even what they wanted me to think, to an almost insane degree, but that didn't make it actually work. Too much WTF, I suppose. The finale seemed like it was in an argument with itself, and also the rest of the goddamn series.

If only everyone on this show could've had an arc like Gaius. You know why his part was so satisfying? Because he got to make big, tough choices. He got character growth. He was allowed resolution. He was allowed to survive, and be with someone he cared deeply about. His story made sense of his past.

Kara, Lee, Laura...? I don't think any of them got that. So much fucking wasted potential. And such a brilliant cast, too. What a way to go out. Strip clubs and contradictions! Woo!

So the question for me now, is:

Should I snark-picspam this sucker? Or should I try to explain, as calmly and thoughtfully as I can, why this disappointed me on almost every level? Maybe, maybe, maybe someone who runs this show will see it, since apparently they trawl the internets so much. Maybe they'll get why some people are so freaking unhappy. Or should I just write The Show In My Head? I've been working on something since this summer I like...a whole lot better. It builds off the promise of "Revelations", but they do find a non-cindery home. Lee carries on Laura's legacy! Kara lives and becomes Admiral, though she does not end up married with babies! The rebel Cylons have a big role in it, even! There are lingering tensions from the genocide and New Caprica! There's major stuff about reproduction! And what makes them worthy of survival!

Would any of those things be cathartic, or should I just not waste one single moment more on this show? I could just kick back, read Homer again, and make some popcorn. Sprinkle some salt and rosemary butter on it. Those things make me happy.

Let me know your thoughts. If you want to continue the snark here or anywhere, let me know. :) Group hug!

PS Those of you who liked this ep, I'm happy for you. This is just my opinion.

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