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Five to one, it's a bro-de-o

Hey there! I'm back from the trip, but I still feel like I need a week to recover from the week. Do you know that feeling? (At least I got extra cherry blossom time. Whew.)

Writing update: after an initial burst, I've been blocked for a while now. I think it's because every time I sit down my brain keeps circling around to all my problems with the finale. For example, though I am DEFINITELY writing a version of the mytharc that deals with the Kara problem and also gives her more agency, it makes me want to write an essay first (particularly because I see a lot of "How could you not ever notice the angel stuff before, you dolts?" sentiment going around -- sigh). And how can I be done with the show if I feel no resolution to the storylines? This calls for a meta catharsis. (And everyone's seen it now, yes? Can I use spoilery icons?)

So no stories yet, but I still wanted to post something to amuse siljamus. One of my many problems with the finale has to do with the gender fail (for which topic Silja posted an excellent link roundup here) -- so I thought I'd share some laughs I had about it, and add a few more thoughts of my own to the discussion. Mockery has its uses! And so does meta! (As always, feel free to skip on by or dissent -- all voices welcome.)

When I first watched the finale, and got to the scene where all the dudes were lined up in the grass and perving on the natives (tm jeeshee), I yelled a line from the Flight of the Conchords song below: "TOO MANY DICKS ON THE DANCEFLOOR!" Holy moly, the ladies done gone missin'. And then as they plotted caveman interbreeding, and Tigh went, "LOL, YOUR NEW HAREM" to Gaius, I kept humming all the lines to the whole song right through in my brain, just to stay sane.

Just listen to it! It'll make you giggle. (And if someone would vid or icon that, I'd love you forever.)

We need to send a postcard to Ron, methinks: "Not enough ladies, too many mans."

There Will Be Blood

Seriously? I've had my problems with gender in this show on some other matters, but not with the survival rate before -- but I do now. Through BotS, I was all in favor of waiting and seeing. The numbers weren't too out of whack in my view, and more importantly, I was still getting kickass women driving the action. But for the finale--and even before the finale--I truly expected another bloodbath. Evenhanded, both genders. They promised us a season of death, and honestly...it's what I would have done. The show had been suffering from Too Many Characters syndrome for far too long at that point, it would have been a great way to raise the stakes and keep the viewers on their toes, and it would also have made the end seem sufficiently weighty and earned. But instead mostly women fall, as well as both the female leads (gah) -- and they didn't even have the nerve to off Helo where they should have, in the end. Frak it all. If I'd been in charge, they would have fallen too -- like testicle-laden trees!

I really didn't want to spend the finale yelling at the screen, disgusted and disengaged, but there it is. And that was even before the Kara-poof and the Tory murder backslapping, IIRC. Sigh. (Maybe they could show that throttling clip at the UN! I hear they're going to have one called "But Sometimes You Just Have to Choke a Bitch: a proposal to revise the Geneva Conventions to exclude ev0l h0rs.")

Beyond that, there's agency. Kara's is lessened as she becomes a tool of destiny, Laura's reduced to a mere bystander in the end -- and to top it off, the female characters who do survive aren't involved in the major decision-making process at all. (Dude, where's Paula? I would have made her point her guns at the Adamas the minute they hatched their cracky Luddite plan and yell "NOW, ye children of God, it's time for a revolution!")

There might be a crackfic in that. Mph. I guess she would have been onscreen if she was Gaius' main squeeze.

Which brings me back to a nagging feeling I've had about Kara's ending all along.

You will know Teh Poof


Maybe it's just the way that all the surviving women are some other dude's OTP, combined with the fact that Kara's last moments are intercut with the Zak thing, but...I keep having this odd feeling that K/L (or rather deciding against it rather late in the game) is what caused the poof.

Think about it. Let's go with the notion that they weren't going to pay it off after all (not that it's the best option, IMO, but anyway). If they had just ended the whole Kara-Lee romantic deal in season three, as it seemed they might, that stuff would have already been resolved. No need to postpone this 'resolution' for her final moments, then, and all the "Kara can't keep her pants on" flashback yickiness that entailed. All they had to do was stop having them kiss each other and they'd have been their wondertwinsy dynamic duo selves, end of line. No problemo. No sudden Zak guilt/near misdeed retcon would then be necessary, supposedly making things (gasp!) oh so impossible -- a notion quite at odds with the way they supported each other rather wonderfully and selflessly this entire season, without hurting each other or other people. It's all so...abrupt, like they didn't have time to come up with an answer other than "Their longing is Forbidden" or "Look at this unbridgable distance!"

If Kara hadn't poofed, or at least had actively chosen to sacrifice her life in the process of bringing about the Earth destiny, I think I could have lived without more explanation. Either would have seemed like a satisfying conclusion. As it is, since she DID have a physical body again--by whatever miracle--I'm still left wondering why she couldn't stay. (Then my brain starts to sound like a parent arguing with a pesky toddler: "Because her time was up." Why? "Because she was already dead." Why did she have to die to fulfill her destiny, when Gaius and the others didn't? "Because." Because why? "Because God said so." Is God a sadist? "Apparently.")

...Or because God likes to kill off women, or because Kara isn't capable of growing and changing and achieving happiness with or without someone, or because her life just always sucked, or because broken people are just broken. (Not Gaius or the Tighs, but...well.)

So yeah. Does anyone else feel this? On the podcast they said something like: "She has to leave him like that because she always leaves him." (Though she always came back, too...but no matter.) Look, there's a way to end that storyline without her dying again! It hit a nerve.

This idea makes me sad, because--I would have liked her to still be alive, obviously, but not like THAT. Not alive just for Lee. I would have wanted her to live because she found value in herself and in living a normal life. Frankly, as pretty as they are together, I'm far more wedded to the idea of Admiral Thrace, functioning and with it, than I am of Kara shacking up with anyone. I talk about this with DB a lot: my real ship is Kara/emotional stability. Her life began in bitterness, none of her own making; she was damaged long before the war hit, and I wanted to see her get a chance to overcome that.

So if her romance with Lee just wasn't going to happen (or even, more annoyingly, was "against fate") -- they still could've just let her be. If the Raptor had lifted off and my pilots had turned to each other and said, "Hey, we need to go build a new world now; maybe we should really stop this kissing-plus-pep-talks thing, though," and been wondertwinsy forever, I still would have eaten it up with a spoon. They'd still be alive and happy and doing things with their wonderful partership of equals, and it would have paid off the generational theme I thought they'd hit pretty hard in "Revelations": they'd be Adama and Roslin 2.0, the children taking the place of their parents.

I don't know why the reason the writers went that way matters to me so much; it's irrelevant, in the end, but it's still something I think about. Whether or not it was planned that way all along, her fate feels ad hoc. And after tormenting us and her with this question for an entire season, after all this tremendous character went through...that's just sad. (Next up: meta on why we needed to see the space between life and death -- Kara, agency, and mytharc fail.)

But even though she deserved a better destiny, at least I have this: she was a badass in both her lives. And nothing can change that.

Any thoughts? Maybe we could have a snark macro fest, instead. ;)

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