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***SCOTUS fangirl Update: I am pleased to report that I now have Toobin's The Nine and Yarbrough's David Hackett Souter: Traditional Republican on the Rehnquist Court in my hot little hands, so (former) Justice David Souter Day will be happening very soon! Fellow celebrants, stay tuned! (And if you have no idea whom this gallant gentleman is, well...I will do my best to fill you in on the reason for our excitations!)

But! While I have been pleased, lo, these many months, to cruise along largely Battlestar-free--small exceptions arising such as when R suggests with a grin that we pay to watch Caprica, which is greeted with uproarious laughter bordering on tears--alas, alack, I have forgotten there are such things as extended scenes in DVDs. Which are to be released tomorrow. Which I'm still at the 'LOL, not buying' stage regarding, and I'm sure will include much more Ron finale hilarity re: what zinke quite succinctly terms as 'Epic Kara!fail', but, oh. I forgot about my heartstrings. My character-lovin' heartstrings that will never cease to move me. And so thanks to fantabulous eugis and my flist for linking me to this:

BEHOLD! (Or Watch again! You know you want to!)

You know, there were not many reasons for my girl to smile in her post-death universe, but look at how she looks at him right there. How she uses that and reaches acceptance of herself. And how she's the only one who could possibly turn him inside out and remake him like that. That's just...pure love.

I feel like I owe MT a fan valentine. And/or a drink. Hard not to feel like he's arguing with Ron's change of plan, eh? Or that Ron's not arguing with the "Six of One" brig scene, or the Maelstrom wing convo, or the end of UB, or Captain's Hand, etc, etc, gah.

You know what this means? I'm totally finishing my Kara space-between mythsplosion whatever now. I always did write better when it was 90+ degrees out. PILOTS FEVER IS UNSHAKEABLE.


Tags: kara insanity, myth is not bad, piloooooooooots!, virulent plagues

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