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Kara Shrine for Kara Fest

It was originally going to be Kara Week, but you know what? How can a mere WEEK contain this much AWESOME? Let's make it an open-ended celebration of our Goddess of Badassery.

If you want to pay tribute to Kara -- vids, stories, meta, picspams, icons, or recs -- please leave a link to your offering here!


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Semper Frakking Fi (Starbuck and Apollo against the world)

My response to Jo's meta request and Rose's merged on their own, albeit in a roundabout way. So consider this a continuation of the Lee Wiki project of sorts. It's of EPIC length, though, sorry (because they are epic!).

Rose asked me why I think Lee trusts Kara on her return, and why he does not regard her as a danger or a threat. How does he reconcile this with his rational side, and his responsibility to the fleet? Here's another attempt to answer, through a meditation on the bond of trust between Starbuck and Apollo over the course of the show.

*Reader beware, contains spoilers through "The Oath."

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Lee Week, Extended Again (give me your questions plz!)

Why is it that every week my character love compels me to shove "Lee Adama: What Is His Deal, Anyway?" thoughts to the top of the meta and comment-composing queue? Every single week? It's like I have a disease.

I still haven't gotten around to doing my "It's Okay For Him To Consider Being With Someone Who's Not Kara, Really" post, nor my "Happy Lee/Dee moments got cut from season 3 all the time, and now that I realize that it really was an okay relationship pre- and post-affair!" UBEX epiphany.

I owe Jo a "Field Guide to Lee Adama" anyhow, so...if you have any burning Lee questions or concerns, about any subject, any scene, any episode, let 'er rip.

Depression! Dad issues! Cylon WTFery! Attitude towards Kara! Trial reasoning! Lake of manpain! OTP Democracy betrayal! Obnoxious morality! Inexplicable weakness for noodles! I CAN EXPLAIN!

Yup, it's a disease.


ETA: I've come to realize I do this for Cylons all the time, too. They're not evil or inconsistent, just...misunderstood!
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Lee Adama Is A Total Badass (Top 10 moments)

I don't suppose anyone on LJ is still about to read this, but alas, I still have three hours to kill. So here goes! Lee's badassery, by popular demand.

I noticed in a lot of reviews of "Revelations" how surprised people were by Lee's badassery...whereas to Lee fans, he just met their expectations.

I hope this picspam shows not only why I love this character for his principled toughness, but also that he has proved himself to be a good man in a crisis, well-seasoned in the pressures of command. While he could never hold the #1 spot while Adama and Roslin were around, and "Revelations" tested him as he never had been before, the way he rises to the occasion is nothing new.

Here are 10 great Lee Badass moments from all seasons.**

(** Please note that I also really wanted to cheat and put Razor in there as #11, because I really think it's one of his highest points of heroism -- but that would take a lot more discussion, so I'll save that for another post!)

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10 Things You Need To Know (The Battlestar Galactica Family Hour)

A "Top 10 Things You Need To Know" recap special is airing/has aired tonight on Skiffy at 10 (breaking up their stellar reruns of Sharks in Venice and movies about zombie rats) but R and I watched it last weekend on On Demand. Apparently it's also on Hulu. I did end up typing up a few notes because some things pertained to Mom and Dad (and their Mom-and-Dadness) and also -- pilooooooots!

Nothing really new to anybody who follows the show, of course, but I like hearing the way they choose to frame things. I see it as a sign of The Shape Of Things To Come. And some things just made me gleeful.

Crazy space family gets some mad props, I'm sayin'!

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les pilotes dangereux

AD + BSG = Gold

It all started with queenofthorns' icon mashup, which daygloparker picked up on and ran with in a series of crossover macros that left me howling. Now she has some new ones (not spoilery if you've seen Revelations). Hee hee! As you may tell from my icon (courtesy of Dia's kindness) this never fails to amuse me.

While I was giggling and looking for more quotes, I noticed that the AD show summary on Wikipedia could rather easily pass for BSG:

The show focuses on the tension that developed between the members of the Bluth Galactica family, primarily from their diminished spending power chances of survival. Each show pulls from a serpentine mix of sibling rivalries, unresolved oedipal conflicts, sexual incompatibilities, personal identity crises, adolescent trauma, aging, pride, miscommunication, lying, guilt, subterfuge, determination, immigration, manipulation, mutilation, social status anxiety, incest taboo, alcoholism, and a wide variety of other themes.

And both shows have characters that are "irredemably unrelatable." Except to us connoisseurs, right? ;)

On a related note: anyone want to see some pictures of loose seals?