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Dionusia / Dionysia

that pesky upsilon

Hello! I used to talk about BSG here (stories, essays, parodies), but now I mostly laugh at it.

I often have to be away from LJ for long stretches of time, so if I don't respond to comments right away, please don't take it personally. I love hearing from people, truly. I'm just not always here.


Things I wish to avoid: ranting (strike that, the finale turned me into a ranter, though there is coherent criticism in there, promise); talking about fans rather than the show; character bashing/hyperbole; sweeping assumptions about why other people like/dislike certain characters or plots (no mindreaders, please!); conspiracy theories (If this makes you giggle, we'll probably get along):

Things I dig: discussing episodes; hearing about what other people love; crit WITH analysis; a lighthearted sense of humor. I'm here to have fun. I hope you are too.

I am a co-mod of bsg_crack, a home for all things crazy, absurd, and Galacticracky. Join up! Just look at the fun Mom and Dad are having!

I am also co-mod of sasa_hq, a support group for those smitten with Kara and Lee.

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Thanks to the fantastic hazyshade, we can all be card-carrying pilots geeks. Come and join us! Because with these two, it's all about the agony and the ecstasy. But mostly the agony.

Hazy also made me this gorgeous banner from my Keats BSG poem, for which I am eternally grateful:

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Crackpoetry is beauty, and beauty crackpoetry, and that is all you ever need know.

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